Hawai'ian Rums From Maui


Haleakala Distillers - Maui 'Okolehao Liqueur 12-12-2010
I have been a fan of Haleakala Distillers Rums since they first found me and sent me a product sample to review. As my reviews below will show I really enjoy their 100% Hawaiian (Maui) Rums.

Now they have introduced an 'Okolehao Liqueur. Historically also called 'Oke' by the native Hawaiians it started out more like a beer made from the Ti root. As distillation techniques were introduced to Hawaii by the English it was made into a high proof spirit and later blended with aged whiskey and tropical flavors.

Maui 'Okolehao is an 80 Proof / 40% Alcohol spirit. Although it is full strength it is very smooth, slightly sweet and very drinkable. While the smell has the character of light butterscotch, something I also get from the Maui Rums, the taste has more of a hint of Coconut. I tried it both at room temperature and on ice and both were fine. I think what surprised me the most was that it wasn't overly sweet. I'm sure it would also make a great mixer.

The only other 'Okolehao I have ever tasted was 70 Proof and made by Hawaiian Distillers (Bottled in California). Oddly theirs smells much stronger and more like whiskey but tastes much sweeter and perhaps a bit too much like syrup. I have to admit I like both, but given a choice I would by far choose the Maui 'Okolehao for it's smoothness and unique character.

You can order Maui 'Okolehao online at Hi Time Wine



Another year and yet another surprise from the good people at Haleakala Distillers. This time around it is the Maui Reserve Gold Rum. Aged over one year in Oak. 40% Alcolhol.

Like thier other products this rum has a fine flavor and goes down smooth. The smell is smooth as well with no burn to the nostrils. There is a hint of the butterscotch that I notice with the other products they produce and when you open the bottle you get that nice scent of sugar. In some cases aging can make the rum taste more like the oak than the rum. This rum has only of hint of the oak keeping the true nature of the sugar cane in tact. It is also extremely fine for the length of time it has been aged.

While I could go on I will simply say that you have to try it. And when you do you will understand why I have come to love everything Haleakala Distillers makes.


maui gold reserve
Maui reserve gold aged over one year in American Oak

Haleakala Distillers
I recently received the latest releases from my good friends on Maui. My biggest surprise was how much better these rums were than the ones I reviewed just two years ago (see below). Master Distiller is certainly a master as these rums went from some of the best to even Mo'Bettah.

Reviews 12-21-07

First up, the Platinum. What I don't like about "white" or "light" rums is that they usually are more like rubbing alcohol (Bacaradi) or are simply not  very good (10 Cane).  Not the case here. The Platinum has a hint of sweet butterscotch but not so much as to over power anything you might mix it with. The Dark is so dark compared to it's predecessor that the new "dark" should be called "black". With a much more pungent air of butterscotch and sweetness it is by far the one of the best dark rums I have ever had. The Maui Gold Rum replaces Braddah Kimo's Mo'Bettah Gold Rum but this is the one that should have "Mo'Bettah" in the name. The old one was good but this one is the fine balance between the Dark and the Platinum.

All three rums made a flawless Rum and Coke using Mexican Coke from a glass bottle to avoid flavor loss due to the High Fructose Corn Syrup used in the rather bad tasting American Cokes.

Braddah Kimo's Da'Bomb Extreme Rum is the 155 proof Rum that still manages to hold a great aroma and a tremendous amount of flavour. Excellent as a drink floater or for cooking. I've never tasted a rum that strong that had so much flavour. The closest I have tried would be Goslings Black Seal 151 Dark.

maui reserve rum

These hand crafted rums are made from local molasses and double distilled then aged in American Oak casks which formerly aged Jim Beam Bourbon.

Haleakala Distillers
Unlike the corporate Hawaiian Rums like Hana Bay, Whalers and Diamond head there is Braddah Kimo's Mo' Bettah Gold Rum, Silver Rum, Da' Bomb Extreme Rum and MAUI Dark Rum.

Reviews (DARK) 8-10-2005

I am not a rum sipper yet that is the way I first tried the Dark. It was much smoother than most darks and had a pleasant sweet after taste that was not harsh. I than made a rum and coke with it (with a coke that contained sugar, not corn syrup). This was excellent. 5 stars.

I couldn't try the gold as it broke in shipping but I did get a chance to try the SILVAH. I am not partial to what I call CLEAR RUMS but this one was nice. A little harsh at first but then a nice sweet flavor took over my mouth. Unlike the way Bacardi burns your mouth like rubbing alcohol would. Then I tried a rum and coke with this one as well. While not as good as the dark in the coke it was still way better than anything you would get in a bar in a rum and coke.

maui gold rum

All of these rums are made on The Island of Maui using nothing but Maui Sugar cane, Maui Water and Maui Sunshine.

For more info visit their site.